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How to Get the Most of Your Space with a Kitchen Remodel

A well-designed kitchen that fully utilizes the space and aligns with your lifestyle will transform your day-to-day living and make your life easier. Every good kitchen organization starts with the layout. A well-thought-off kitchen layout will maximize the kitchen space's potential, making it highly efficient, functional, and subordinated to your needs. There are various possibilities and many choices to make when deciding on your kitchen design. Some spaces are restrictive and allow for little creativity, while others even allow several layout variations. However, the key is to recognize and choose the perfect layout for your family and lifestyle that will work around your needs. Our experienced kitchen design team at Benchmark Kitchen and Baths will help determine which spatial configuration will be the best one for your available kitchen space.

Galley Kitchen The galley kitchen usually refers to a smaller and compact working area placed on two parallel walls. Galley kitchens enhance storage space by working vertically, while cabinets are built up to the ceiling. A galley kitchen layout offers high functionality with minimal movement between the units, while tall cabinetry and lined-up arrangements make the overall impression neat and uncluttered. Ending with a peninsula on one side increases counter and cabinet space. For optimal efficiency, the sink, stove, and dishwasher should all be placed along the same wall. This arrangement will minimize the unnecessary traffic through the work triangle.

The One Wall Kitchen This simple layout is efficient, functional, and sleek. The One Wall Kitchen consists of cabinets and appliances all installed on one single wall. This layout typically comes as built-in upper and lower cabinets or built-in lower cabinets and shelving instead of upper cabinets. The one-wall kitchen organization creates a simple and clean look, perfect for minimalistic interiors and smaller spaces. Fully utilizing the vertical space is vital for this kitchen layout as this where you will find your extra storage space. Because it is impossible to follow a regular kitchen triangle here, having a fridge on one end, an oven and hob in the middle and the sink at the other end will create a good workflow.

L Shaped with Island L-shaped kitchens have a user-friendly design that works best for interiors with a small- to medium-sized kitchen layout. L-kitchens often come with a kitchen island, which adds to the overall functionality. A kitchen island makes an excellent additional working area or storage unit. L-shaped kitchens are usually part of an open-space plan making an ""L"" that extends into a dining and living area. This layout can also end with a peninsula that creates a dividing fixture between these areas, which is practical for entertaining. If possible, build a walk-in pantry in one of the corners to prevent losing that valuable space. This will be a great asset to the kitchen, and you'd be surprised how spacious those corner pantries can be.

U Shaped Kitchens

A U-shaped design is a perfect solution when there are more cooks in the kitchen, and it works great with open spaces. With the U-shaped kitchen layout, each element of the work triangle is located on its wall, creating separate working areas. This layout provides ample storage; however, it can feel enclosed if there upper cabinets on all three walls. To avoid this, install upper cabinets on a maximum of two walls. If your kitchen space does not include a window, use the last wall for open shelving, range hood, or a unique decorative touch. The U-shaped kitchen makes a spacious and functional layout that allows for easy workflow for more cooks at the same time.

G Shaped kitchens The G-shaped kitchen is an expanded version of the U-shaped kitchen layout - with the same amount of counter space and storage cabinetry, but with an attached peninsula at the end. The peninsula stands as an excellent additional worktop, storage space, and countertop bar.

The peninsula addition is a great solution where space does not allow an independent island to be installed.

The Island Kitchen Island kitchens are a popular choice in large open plan homes where they usually become the prominent place of gathering and entertaining. The kitchen space needs to be big enough to incorporate the island; however, its application increases the workflow. As the kitchen centerpiece, the island provides a large surface that can double as a storage space and cooking or prep area. The kitchen island often incorporates one function: a cooking top, a sink, or a bar/wine fridge. However, the island surface top works perfectly, just as a clean worktop utilized for eating, work, and entertaining.

As the kitchen island is a natural focal point of this layout, installing eye-catching decorative pendant lighting will reinforce its centerpiece role and provide a task light solution. Whether you are building a new kitchen or remodeling an existing kitchen floor plan, reach out to our experienced team that will make intelligent spatial choices to create a perfect kitchen design for your home.

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