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How to Freshen Up Your Kitchen This Spring

The beginning of spring and warmer days evoke the urge for makeovers of all kinds, particularly in kitchens, the hub of health and gathering in our homes. Spring season calls us to clear the way for sun rays, clear up the marks of long winter and start fresh. Although we cannot redesign our homes with every change in season, there are plenty of ways to give it a refreshing update. Plenty of light, clutter-free rooms, clean design, and a pop of color here and there will liven up any space and bring that fresh spring feel.

Spring Clean and Decluttering Every makeover begins with a good spring cleaning. A proper spring cleaning means deep and thorough cleaning, starting with your fridge to all of the cabinets and other appliances. Furthermore, the elimination of clutter is a start point and a vital part of any spring clean. Besides, decluttering has therapeutic benefits on us; it reduces stress and makes us more productive. Removing all things that aren't needed, aren't useful, or are loved improves life quality and creates pleasing and organized homes. Simplicity and clarity help in achieving balance in our living areas and give them a sophisticated character. Spring makeovers don't always allow significant changes, but minor updates in style and decoration can do a lot to a visual impression of your kitchen.

Going Green We live in a time of forward-thinking, environmentally-friendly efforts and green solutions. Ecological awareness and sustainability in kitchens is a perfect starting point, and if you only choose to implement one change this spring, let it be a change in this direction.

The kitchen can be seen as the least-sustainable food in the house due to food waste, plastic packaging, paper towels, and harsh chemicals. With increasing environmental awareness, it is time to make conscious efforts towards sustainability in the kitchen. Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Recycle and reuse whatever you can; less waste coming from the kitchen means less waste going into landfills. While composting might seem intimidating, never fear. There are plenty of stylish countertop compost bins for your food scraps. Some even come with a built-in filter meaning that you never have to worry about the smell.

  • Compost all your food scraps. This and recycling will bring your household waste down to a minimum. Although compost might seem a bit complicated, there are plenty of innovative countertop compost bins that ground the waste and eliminate the smell.

  • Take inventory of your cleaning products, try to rid your kitchen of products containing toxic chemicals, and replace them with environmentally friendly alternatives. Most conventional cleaning products and chemicals are considerable contributors to water and soil pollution, but they are serious health hazards causing allergies and contribute to various respiratory issues.

  • Be mindful of energy saving in your household. Make sure that everyone in the home is conscious of electricity consumption that your appliances are energy efficient.

Lighten it Up Lighting is an essential factor in any interior space, and particularly in the kitchen. Good lighting opens up space and makes a healthier atmosphere, while insufficient lighting can affect your mood and diminish the feeling of comfort.

Invest in proper up-to-date lighting and change the outdated fixtures. Replace all bulbs with LED bulbs; they are economical, energy-saving, and provide excellent light. Attach some self-adhesive LED ribbons within a kitchen area, under the upper cabinets, to boost visibility while doing food preparation. They make wonderfully atmospheric light and a healthy option for your eyes during the night.

A Splash of Color Even though monochromatic kitchens are harmonized and elegant, why not cheer it up a bit with an unexpected splash of color! It can just be a piece of wallpaper wall or a particular appliance, but bringing bright color in that will stand out will be an unexpected and original statement. Besides, the color will act energizing and mood-lifting, especially if you choose vibrant colors such as red, yellow, or orange. In the end, every kitchen, even the most minimalistic one, needs to transpire life and reflect your home's atmosphere.

Fresh Flowers and Plants "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." Miranda Priestley's famous sarcastic remark to a fashion editor in Devil Wears Prada movie paints a bad picture. Fresh flowers and potted plants are a perfect spring décor that infuses life and warmth into your space. Moreover, houseplants do more than enliven your home's atmosphere. Plants inside your home have a therapeutic effect and can bring many benefits. They can improve the air quality inside your home, increase humidity levels and reduce the amount of dust.

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