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Five Kitchen Updates That Can Change Your Life

At Benchmark, we've spoken endlessly about the importance of the kitchen in a home. Creating a room that ties the house together and brings your family closer together can impact all that inhabit the home positively. Refreshing your kitchen can be the change necessary to revitalize your home. It's important to know that there are many decisions to make, some of them having more impact on your daily life than others. Here are five game-changing kitchen elements to pay special attention to when working on your new kitchen remodel. Lighting the Mood

Don't hold back from investing in enough lighting and elegant lighting fixtures. Poor lighting can turn even the most glamorous kitchen into a gloomy space. With all the demands of kitchen renovation, it is easy to get lost in all the details and not pay enough attention to lighting sources and fixtures. So remember, when it comes to lighting, less is never more. More importantly, the quality of lighting in your kitchen will significantly impact your health and well-being. If your budget allows, use all the perks of integrated LED lighting upgrades, such as under-cabinet lights, drawers' lights, etc. Detail lighting gives another dimension to the kitchen space, making it glamourous and super practical. Also, LED lamps in under-cabinet fixtures create a broad range of possibilities, offering convenience and creative freedom. Cooking with under-cabinet LED fixtures is more comfortable since they eliminate the heat emissions of their less-efficient counterparts. Pendant lights are an effective and elegant task lighting solution for areas without cabinets, such as the kitchen island. Moreover, you can use attractive pendant lights to round up the kitchen style and add an eye-catching feature to the setting. Whether you want to accentuate the symmetry, smooth the edges, or create a sculptural focal point, attractive pendant lights will help you bring a personal touch to space. The Luxury of Walk-In We know that butlers' pantries require a lot of space and do not fit within every layout. Nonetheless, if you have a large family and can build one, don't think twice. When you have a large family, there is no such thing as a kitchen that is too big or has too much storage space. Apart from providing more valuable storage, the butler's pantry lifts the heavy work from the main kitchen area. They take the chaos out of sight, which leaves an impression of the tidy space. A walk-in pantry will quickly become the most valuable area of your home. Prioritizing Appliances

Quality appliances that work for and with your lifestyle are an invaluable part of every kitchen. Investing in the best appliances within your budget will ensure the efficiency and functionality of the kitchen for years to come. There are endless choices on the market, which doesn't make decision-making easier. Our advice is to know your habits and living routines down to the last detail; this will help give you the insight to choose perfect appliances based on their functionality instead of their looks and how trendy they are. Trends and looks will lose their significance, but efficiency and adaptability to your lifestyle will always be there to serve you. Quartz is King This distinguished look is achieved by mixing more than 95% of pure ground Quartz with 5% polymer resins. Quartz countertops gain characteristics such as strength, non-porous surface, stain, and heat resistance by going through this manufacturing process. As a result, Quartz countertops don't need sealing while their surface is bacteria-repelling and easy to maintain. Also, when it comes to choosing countertops, one of the most excellent perks of Quartz is a wide variety of colors. Quartz countertops are enhanced with glass or metallic flecks that add interest and diversity. Thanks to an endless choice of colors and flexibility, Quartz can meet any design style and preference. In the end, Quartz countertops are a blend of high-end appearance, top quality, and easy maintenance benefits. Smart Storage Solutions

No number of shiny finishes and high-end materials can replace the value of an efficient storage system and intelligent use of kitchen cabinets. When planning your kitchen, choose a team with plenty of expertise in kitchen planning because they will know how to utilize every square inch of your kitchen space fully. There is nothing worse than wasted kitchen space. The purpose of the kitchen is not only to look good but to be fully efficient and wholly subordinated to your needs. Getting Started If you’ve contemplated a fresh start to your kitchen, but don’t where to begin, the team at Benchmark can help simplify these early stages. Whether you’re trying to figure out a starting point, or what features you would like to include in your remodel, we can assist in the thought process along the way. Reach out to our design team in Salem today to begin crafting your dream kitchen!

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