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3 Reasons You Need to Visit a Showroom for Your Next Project

If you've considered remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you probably have done a fair amount of research online and maybe even talked to friends and family who recently renovated. Those steps will guide you in the right direction to meeting your interior design goals; however, there's one crucial step that you should be taking to put yourself in the best position possible to take on a project of this scale. It's time to visit a local kitchen and bath showroom.

1. Experience everything in-person The internet has allowed consumers to explore a vast pool of options, no matter the product. When it comes to home design materials, this is particularly true. Redesigning a kitchen or bathroom is no small project, therefore, it's of the utmost importance to have every detail just the way you want it and to not overlook anything in the material selection process. But you’ll never see the whole picture that way. The eye-popping aesthetic of a particular piece is something to be experienced in person rather than through a computer screen or the pages of a catalogue. There’s simply no substitute for running your palm along marble or feeling how smoothly a custom-built drawer slides open.

2. Find new inspiration With the help from online resources, you might already have a solid foundation for your design goals. Thus, visiting a showroom will do one of two things for you:

  1. Confirm your design strategy

  2. Make you rethink your design strategy

The truth is, the showroom might inspire you in ways you never imagined before. While Pinterest or Instagram can be great places to spark your creativity, nothing quite compares to seeing how the material, along with its texture and color, fits into a three-dimensional kitchen or bath. Here at the Benchmark showroom, we have three fully modeled kitchen designs to explore. Along with countless styles for countertops, fixtures, cabinet hardware, and more, to help garner up some inspiration for your project.

3. Consult with an expert Any remodeling is a complex process, and a team of experienced professionals can offer invaluable wisdom. Beyond specific suggestions, they can also help determine the feasibility of your ideas, or how they can be tweaked to be improved or simply save money. It’s normal to have a lot of questions with something like this – it’s a big step, after all – and speaking to someone knowledgeable, in person, is far less stressful and more gratifying than digging through pages of Google results online. Maybe you’ve pondered questions like “what is the average cost of a kitchen remodel?” or “what are popular bathroom design styles?”. These questions are not out of the ordinary. Therefore, having a professional at your disposal to help answer them will help make the process much more manageable.

Visit the Benchmark showroom today! At Benchmark, it's not only our goal to design an elegant kitchen or bath, but also to make this process seamless and efficient. From guiding you through the design process to helping you select the right contractor for the job, we'll be by your side until the end. Ready to get going? Begin your new kitchen or bath project today!

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