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Two Design Elements to Consider When Building Your Next Kitchen

Is it time to upgrade the space you spend the most time in? Whether you're the top chef in the family, a regular at the dinner table, or an unexpected guest, this space is worth the extra attention so that everyone can enjoy it. For most of us, it is the first place we go in the morning to make a cup of coffee or to devour a stack of pancakes while scrolling through our social media feeds. Above all, it is usually eye candy for sellers and agents to attract potential buyers. With the importance we put on our kitchen, it's essential to factor in the main functionality of YOUR kitchen when considering your renovation. No matter your budget, let's dive into which areas you should focus on to get the most out of the room that feeds, entertains, and gathers your people.

Kitchen Surfaces

When choosing a kitchen surface, you should consider the following; how often you're making home-cooked meals, is the table attached or detached from the island, are you going to have a bar area, and how much time are you willing to dedicate to caring for this space? In most cases, it comes down to wood or granite. But is it that easy? Let's take a look at each option. Choosing the correct species can make or break the room for wood. Wood can add to the aesthetic of natural open areas, create a home-y and welcoming feeling, and overall increase the warm feelings that fill the space you share with your family, food, and friends. Granite might be the right option for those looking to modernize their space. Sleek, clean, and alive, granite pairs perfectly with socializing around a tall glass of wine and a diverse charcuterie board. Both options enhance this part of your home and are an essential investment when upgrading your kitchen.


A counter is only as good as its backsplash and is a natural continuation connecting the surface to the cabinet. A backsplash can range from simplistic to extravagant, but it's not only for decoration. The beautiful tile, stone, or glass pieces that connect the counters to the wall protect the wall from the stress of a busy kitchen like; water splashes, grease splatters, and sauce explosions. In keeping with the relaxing feeling of your space, we recommend soothing colors that enhance the natural beauty of your surface, cabinets, paint color, and appliance choices. Busy backsplashes have their place, but often incorporate many small decorative pieces that can make for tougher cleaning. With so much to consider its essential to have the right team to help bring your vision to life. This is where our talented design team shines. Through 3D rendering, we create a detailed virtual version of your room that you can explore from anywhere using a computer or mobile device. This isn’t a one-and-done approach like other showroom experiences, we take the time to ensure it’s right. That means renderings can be altered at any time until the design accurately represents your vision.

Ready to start exploring all the options Benchmark can bring to your next project? Check out our digital design guide, or schedule a showroom visit with our team. We're here when you’re ready, and its never to early to start the process!

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