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Top Kitchen Paint Color Trends for the Boston Area Featuring Farrow & Ball

Welcome to Benchmark Kitchen & Bath! As your trusted kitchen design partner in Salem, MA, we are dedicated to helping you create the kitchen of your dreams. With 2024 just around the corner, we’re excited to share the latest kitchen paint color trends in Boston, inspired by the renowned palettes from Farrow & Ball. Whether you're planning a complete kitchen renovation or a simple refresh, these trends will bring elegance and modernity to your space.

1. Rich and Warm Clay Tones

In Boston, rich clay tones are becoming increasingly popular for kitchens. Colors like Jitney and Stirabout offer a warm, inviting atmosphere that feels both comforting and stylish. These earthy shades are perfect for creating a natural, grounded feel, blending seamlessly with traditional and contemporary designs​.

2. Elegant and Timeless Blues

Blue hues remain a favorite for kitchen spaces due to their versatility and calming properties. Cook's Blue is a vibrant choice that adds a classic touch while brightening the kitchen. This shade is excellent for creating a fresh, airy environment that transitions seamlessly from day to night​​.

3. Modern Neutrals

For a timeless and elegant look, modern neutrals like Slipper Satin and Shaded White are ideal. These colors provide a clean, sophisticated backdrop, allowing flexibility in decor and accessories. Neutrals are perfect for kitchens that need to stay adaptable to changing styles​​.

farrow and ball kitchen inspiration
Image by: Farrow & Ball

4. Bold and Dramatic Accents

If you're looking to make a bold statement, dramatic colors like Paean Black on cabinetry or islands can add depth and character to your kitchen. This rich hue contrasts beautifully with lighter walls, creating a striking focal point that enhances the overall design​​.

5. Soft and Inviting Pinks

Soft pinks such as Templeton Pink and Sulking Room Pink are gaining popularity for their warm and inviting appeal. These shades bring elegance and charm, making the kitchen feel cozy and welcoming. When paired with neutral or darker accents, soft pinks create a balanced and harmonious look​.

6. Fresh and Lively Greens

Green shades like Bancha and Breakfast Room Green are perfect for introducing a touch of nature into your kitchen. Known for their calming effects, these colors make the kitchen feel fresh and rejuvenated, creating a lively yet soothing atmosphere ideal for cooking and entertaining​​.


At Benchmark Kitchen & Bath, we believe your kitchen is more than just a place to cook—it's the heart of your home. By incorporating these top paint color trends from Farrow & Ball, you can transform your kitchen into a stylish and functional masterpiece. Whether updating a historic Boston brownstone or a modern Salem home, these color choices will help you achieve a perfect blend of contemporary trends and timeless elegance.

For more inspiration and personalized design advice, visit our showroom in Salem, MA, or explore Farrow & Ball’s extensive range of colors and finishes here. Let Benchmark Kitchen & Bath help you bring your kitchen vision to life.

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