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How to Get The Most Out of Your Bathroom

Here at Benchmark, we've discussed the importance of the kitchen and why it's considered a favorite room for many and, perhaps, the most significant room in your home. Often forgotten, however, is the immense value of a home's bathroom. The kitchen is a room designed for making memories like cooking your favorite meals, spending time with family, and sharing a drink with guests. A bathroom, on the other hand, doesn’t always get the attention that it deserves.

Why is your bathroom so important? It's where you start and finish each day Aside from the bedroom, a bathroom is probably the first and the last room you spend time in each day. Your mornings are spent in your bathroom getting ready for the day ahead, and the evening, preparing for a good night's sleep. It gives you a space to decompress Privacy is essential in life. You should view your bathroom as a sanctuary; it's a place for peace and solitude where you can simply be with your thoughts. If you’re particularly busy, the simple act of brushing your teeth might be one of the few chances you get to escape from the stressors of work, family, and other daily responsibilities. It helps set the tone for the home The quality of a bathroom reflects on the quality of the rest of the home. This isn’t just a space for you, but also your guests. You’ll want to be sure it reflects the qualities you want in the rest of your home.

How to get the most out of your bathroom Because the bathroom is likely to be the smallest room in your home, design and layout deserve extra attention. It's important to make the most out of the small square footage to achieve the highest functionality level, so keep in mind the following details when planning a remodel: What's your bathroom type? Think of bathrooms like a pie, broken into four slices. Each component of the room (toilet, sink, shower, bath) represents a slice. The four "slices" of a bathroom are as follows:

  1. Quarter-Bath – Commonly found in older homes, this bathroom has just one fixture, typically just a toilet or shower stall.

  2. Half-Bath – Otherwise known as the "powder room" or "guest bath," this room consists of two components: a toilet and sink (though there is occasional variation). A half bath is typically located on the first floor of a home, making it easily accessible for guests who might not want to travel upstairs and don’t need more elaborate amenities.

  3. Three-Quarter Bath – While not considered to be as luxurious as a full bath, these bathrooms can offer significant usage without taking up as much space. Three-quarter baths will contain a toilet, sink, and either a shower or a tub.

  4. Full Bath – A full bath comes with all the fixins’: at least one sink, a toilet, shower, and a tub. Beyond the four essential components, you might consider including other amenities such as double vanities, a whirlpool tub, and more.

Once you’ve determined the type of bathroom you’re working with, you can understand your limitations, and consider what you want to accomplish. Keep the following in mind when you’re considering the particulars of remodel:

  1. Work around the Toilet – Whether it's a full remodel or just a cosmetic touch up, moving the location of your toilet can make your remodel significantly more complex and ultimately prove to be pretty costly. If possible, leave the toilet where it is, and move everything else around it.

  2. Consider who you're living with – Functionality should be priority number one in a bathroom remodel. How many people reside in your household? Is this bathroom the only one you have? Questions like this will help determine how many sinks you'll need, whether you'll need a shower, tub, or both and how much storage space will be needed.

  3. Ask for guidance – There are many details to consider when configuring your bathroom's layout. Don't hesitate to ask for help, even in the early stages of a remodeling project. At Benchmark, through 3D rendering, we create a detailed virtual experience of your desired room. We can even alter the rendering in full time until the design accurately represents your vision.

As a homeowner, your home is your canvas to show off your style and tastes, and your bathroom is one of the more prominent places to do so. When remodeling, don't squander the opportunity to bring this room to life: Be creative, be thoughtful, and also be sure to partner with a professional who will help guide you through this process with suggestions based on your tastes and preferences. Benchmark offers quality and experience, ensuring that your remodeling project is completed with the care and respect it deserves.

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